Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Hiya! It's for Corporate Gift!

Dear Frens,

Its been awhile since i upload the latest pics of my homemade soap...

This time, I made a blue soap named Sea Blue Refreshing Body Soap with refreshing fragrance. On top of the soap, i added a sea salt from dead sea for your rejuvenating bath experience.

New year 2010 is just around the corner. Soap as a Corporate Gift (instead of Organizer) seems not a bad idea at all... Start your new year with new unique thing... homemade soap it is!

*Note: Thanks to a fren who believe in me...

Love, Sherin...

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Complimentary Lemon Calendula Bath Soap

Hey there, I'm happy to post another exclusive customized soap as per requested by my old friend who was once my bestfriend back to my college time. She's in cookies biz line and therefore, these soap made specially for her distributors who all this while supports her biz in KL and Johor.
Pls check out her website @ http://www.kunyah.com/.

Lemon Calendula body soap
4.5cm x 9.5cm x 2.5cm

RM13.00 each

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

40th Anniversary Celebration

Mini Soaps as door gift are suitable for any occasions. Last weekend I managed to complete an order for marriage anniversary. And it's the 40th! What a bless...

I made the box by myself (that i learnt from Youtube!) and the outcome was lovely! (think so... :P)

In every box contains 1 mini soap (1" x 2") packaged into a handmade box of 2" x 2".

Price: RM3.50/box.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Hari Raya Gift Basket

This is my most recent project: Gift basket for Hari Raya Festive 2009. This project quite a challenging one considering my daily task at work dragging me to work till late plus it's Ramadhan month and I have to fulfill my other commitment for my future undertaking. :P

Afterall, it's fun to do since i have learnt new recipes to do new things other than soap. In this basket i attached my first attempt made product under SOLO Soap range (hehe... i have my own product range? whoaaa...) wic are hand sanitizer, body butter and bath sea salt.
Very easy to make, it's just the raw material being used in the making quite pricey. As an instance, i've ordered a lavender flower bud and lavender oil both from France, epsom salt from Germany, Shea Butter from West Africa and many more to list here... i do also use local material such as olive oil (hmm, i bought this from Giant), cardamom (wic i bought from Hanoi...), soap base (yes this is from Malaysia) and cocoa butter (from seremban)... err, i shud find more local product eh. But really hard to find la.

Anyway, my best fren ordered the gift basket from me as a gift to her beloved Mom and SILs. I made three and I give away one small token to her as a symbol of my thankful... :) (u know who u r...)
Below are the list of items contained in each basket:
  • 2 bars of Cardamom Natural Soap
    2 bars of Lemon Calendula Soap
    2 bars of Geranium Honey Soap
    A box of 2 sticks fragrance soap
    A tube of Tea Tree hand sanitizer
    A bottle of 60ml Rich Body Butter
    3 Lavender fizzy balls
    2 bottles of Lavender bath sea salt
    A pouch of Lavender Potpourri
    A teddy bear

    All soap products, hand sanitizer, body butter
    and sea salt are home made. Every equipments
    used in the making of this products are properly

A credit to my sis-in-law who helped me in the process of the making... (cewaa... cam sebalik tabir daaa)... u rock gurl! Below are the pics taken. Do enjoy your view!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Hantaran Kahwin

My latest project... Hantaran Kahwin. This is an order from a fren of mine. This includes 3 set of soap, each bottles contains about 8 to 10 mini soap (weight approx 10g - 15g each).

1. Natural Soap ~ Oatmeal with Honey & Goat's milk
2. Fragrance Soap ~ Cherry Pink Lavender Soap
3. Fragrance Soap ~ Refreshing Blue Soap

Contact me if u like this piece!

3 teddies
Fragrance Soap ~ Refreshing Blue Soap Fragrance Soap ~ Cherry Pink Lavender Soap

Natural Soap ~ Oatmeal with Honey & Goat's milk

A free gift to a friend...